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We are proud of our reputation for supplying premium quality lubricants to the industrial and automotive markets. All Types of brand products supplied by Radiance Petroleum are purchased directly from licenced distributors and include quality certificates and safety data sheets. We are committed to supplying premium quality lubricants certified by international technical committees.

PRODUCTIVITY AND EFFICIENCY ARE AT THE HEART OF BUSINESS PROFITABILITY IN THE Retail outlets. Keeping our cars protected, prolonging equipment life and extending maintenance Radiance has been working closely with the licenced lubricant distributors for many years. It is this experience across the industry that enables Radiance petroleum limited to understand the challenges you face and provide trusted technical advice and services such as internal audits.

For these reasons, we are proud to be an authorised distributor of quality lubricants in Ghana, which was an obvious addition to our Radiance Petroleum high quality fuel.

We know how important it is to have longer-lasting technologies to survive component wear and reduce the risk of failure. It is equally important to have equipment that operates for longer with increased reliability and production output.

Radiance petroleum can help you select the most suitable products to meet your specific needs and ensure they’re supplied safely, on time and on budget.