Radiance Petroleum Limited
  • SUPER / PETROL: GH₵ 5.43/ltr
  • KEROSENE:GH₵ 2.41/ltr
  • DIESEL / AGO GH₵ 5.46/ltr
  • L.P.G GH₵ 4.74kg / 3.33/ltr




RPLus-CARD is a card that provides the user a SAFE, SIMPLE and SMART way of controlling and monitoring fuel consumption for vehicles and also a way to pay for all purchases at all Radiance fuelling stations. RPLus cards can only be used at Radiance fuelling stations.

The only fuel types that are authorised to be purchased are:

  • Diesel
  • Super 


  • With the Rplus Card you may no longer need to carry cash.
  • Each Rplus card may be allocated to a driver, a vehicle or both.
  • A secret PIN code will be generated to ensure that the authorized driver only can use the card.
  • SMS is sent to customers (card owner) after every Top-up and fuel Purchase
  • Statement and report on card usage are available upon request.

In case of loss, theft, or three consecutive PIN code errors, the card will be blocked immediately upon notification by telephone (during business hours) by answering some security questions, subject to written confirmation within 48 hours.

  • Special discount is given to card users.


The Rplus Card enables detailed statements of purchase. Keeps record of Transactions.

  • Anomaly Reports that capture abuse of cards during usage. These reports can be viewed either in real time or on a monthly basis.
  • Access to information on cumulative value of purchases and frequency to exercise budgetary control and study and predict trends.

Your Rplus Card can be used for purchasing of fuel at every Radiance Service Station.

List of Radiance Service Stations available at http://www.radiancepetroleum.com/contact/station-locator/


With your Rplus Card, you can limit transactions on the card in various ways.

Limit value on your card can have a limited amount that can be used in a day, week or month.

Remote PIN unlocking of Rplus card that has been locked due to keying in wrong PIN three times.

Tagging - a card can be tagged to a particular vehicle such that without the vehicle, transaction is not possible.

Replacement Fuel Cards

Replacement cards that have been lost, stolen or damaged should be requested by visiting our nearest Service Station or contact 0202839907

Alternatively, an email request to  info@radiancepetroleum.com will be accepted.

How To Topup

With the Rplus Card you no longer need to carry cash, Money can be loaded into the Rplus card directly.

  • Payment can be done through mobile money service.
  • Money can be loaded into the card at any of the Radiance Service station.
  • Money can be loaded into the card at the Head Office.

 Mobile money Top-up Procedure (Short Code)

 1. Dial *170# on your phone to get the mobile money interface 
     (MTN Only)
 2. Go to PAY BILL
 4. Type rplus as payment code
 5. Enter top up amount
 6. Enter your reference code(it is sent to you via SMS)
 7. Enter your Mobile money PIN. And wait for confirmation SMS.